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There is an artist in everyone, but only one needs to pay attention. It all started when I was school and realized that drawing is the only thing I can do best. I decided to carry on with my interest and pursue it further. I completed my Foundation Diploma in Drawing and Painting followed by GD Art in Drawing and Painting. In the final year of my college, I chose Creative Subjects - Composition & Print Making instead of Realistic Subject - Portrait. But still  in an attempt to gain knowledge, I did assignments related to Portraits. After completing college, I started working as a Graphic & Web Designer. To keep up with my passion, I continued painting and also researched on different subjects, techniques, mediums and ways of painting. To live and earn being an artist is not very easy, I hope many artists can relate to it. One has to go out-of-the-box to prove yourself to others. 

As an artist, I believe one should have your peculiar style of doing paintings, so that people identify you with your style. I constantly think on how can I present realistic paintings (paintings based on real things in our surroundings) in a different way and not just in painting. I experimented portraits with stippling and landscapes with scribbling techniques. With stippling method, I got selected for State Level Competition in the final year of my college. And that was it, I decided to go further with stippling and scribbling. Every other artist is using water, acrylic or oil colour for realistic work and using some figures or objects for creative work. But I chose only PEN & INK as a medium for realistic artwork & geometric shapes for creative paintings. I was awarded Consolation Award in student category at Indian Oil Competition in 2014.


Chatak Show (Student Category) / Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai / 2015

Group Show / The Artists' Centre, Mumbai/ 2018

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